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The designing, creating, making, thinking, and learning that happen in your classroom

Designed for teachers

Everything you need to manage your instruction

Intuitive organization

Problem: with so many different websites and teaching resources, it is hard to keep track of everything

Solution: Use TaskBundler to save links to adopted curriculum, supplemental resources, websites, videos, assessments, documents – anything that helps students learn.

Everything is organized by class, subject, unit, and learning target.

Dual framework

Problem: in addition to teaching, there are a lot of school activities to plan for (and around)

Solution: TaskBundler has two planning layers: tasks and agenda items.

Tasks are used when planning for a subject. They are organized within Learning Target Folders and contain the learning strategy, instructions, and links.

Agenda items are used for class announcements and school information. An agenda item is created for a specific date.

Flexible calendaring

Problem: maintaining a calendar can be time consuming – especially when making changes

Solution: TaskBundler automatically adds a learning target's tasks to the calendar. Without any additional work, tasks are accessible by date, week, and month.

When teachers move things around or make changes, TaskBundler adjusts the calendar. This keeps the focus on doing what is best for students and their learning – not the constraints created by a calendar.

Value-added planning

Problem: most lesson plans are only helpful for substitute teachers or when an administrator is observing

Solution: Teachers use TaskBundler to:

  • Facilitate instruction. TaskBundler transforms the day's agenda items, learning targets, and tasks into slides.
  • Support students. TaskBundler makes it easy to share with students who are absent or who want to review.
  • Hone pedagogy. TaskBundler supports a cycle of planning, teaching, reflecting, and improving.

TaskBundler supports teachers.

Getting started

3-simple steps

  • Create your account
  • Plan your first learning target
  • Use your plans to teach

Free for individual teachers

TaskBundler is free for teachers who work solo. Schools may pay for collaborative teams and/or student/parent-access.

Works with your preferred technology tools

Makes it even easier to do what you currently do and use what you currently use.

Works on any device

Works on your phone, tablet, laptop, computer – anything that has a web-browser and an internet connection.

Start simple, add details later

You decide how much detail you need and when you need it.

You own what you create

If you make it, it's yours. You decide what to share and when.

With TaskBundler, I use my time better — more strategically. I am organized and have a system for managing everything. I feel great about where my students and I are heading and how we will get there.

Demetrius Olsen, TaskBundler Founder & Teacher
Demetrius Olsen
TaskBundler Founder & Teacher