Lots of benefits

For teams and individuals

Freedom and flexibility
TaskBundler’s flexible planning tools make it easy for teachers to customize their instruction. Use your preferred teaching strategies and activities. Easily make changes and try new things — even while working within a team.
Lots of customization
Prefer the word 'goals', instead of learning targets? Like 'tests', instead of assessments? TaskBundler makes it easy to change the default folder and filter names.
See the big-picture and the details
Orchestrating a year of learning is no small task. TaskBundler makes it easy to shift between planning a unit to focusing on an individual lesson. This helps teachers to be more strategic with their time.
Continuous improvement
Teachers who use TaskBundler can see exactly what was done the prior year. This makes it easy to identify what worked and what could be improved. Instead of reinventing the wheel, teachers spend time building on prior successes.
Built for teams
Every teachers needs to know the learning targets, important tasks, and pacing. With TaskBundler, you can tackle these decisions together or divide and conquer. This saves time and makes it easier to work together.
Easy to share *
Teachers who use TaskBundler can share everything with students and parents — without additional work. This level of access empowers students and helps them take more responsibility for their learning. Parents, tutors, and other support providers can see how the concepts were taught — making it easier to help when needed.
* Schools may pay for student/parent-access.