I can solve problems involving finding the whole, given a part and the percent * 6.RP.3 and 6.RP.3c
Lesson 1
p157 Write the Percent Proportion. Plug in the part, whole, and percent. Use a ratio table and scaling up or down to solve for the unknown. Remember that equal means equal (so you can switch the order of the ratios).
Summarize Notes
How to use The Percent Proportion:
1. Identify the part, whole and percent in the information you are given. (Reminder: one will be missing)
2. Write The Percent Proportion (generic)
3. Substitute
4. Use a Ratio Table to solve for the unknown
Textbook videos: sign in, click Lesson Resources, tutor (chat icon). Go to Filters: Chapter 2, Lesson 8 > Tutor
Use the Percent Proportion to solve for the unknown: L. 2-8 p161: 23, 21, 19; p159: 5, 3; p162: 29, 31, 33
Rewrite the problem, show your work, circle the answer, and check the answer in the back of the book (or online at V1SA5). If you got it right, move on. If you got it wrong, try to find and correct your mistake. If needed, ask for help.