Thu Dec 7 Today
If you haven't already, please store your phone and/or smart watch in your Yonder Bag.
If you don't have a phone or smart watch, feel free to leave your Yonder Bag at home.
Tomorrow is the Unit 5 Test. You will have a chance to show how good you are at graphing ordered pairs in all four quadrants of the Coordinate Plane. There are six questions, and it is worth 100 points.
Partner Project Due In 2 days
You and your partner will be given a blank coordinate plane and a list of ordered pairs.
On the back of the coordinate plane handout, in the top, right corner, write your names and the letter of your ordered pairs handout.
While you work, one person reads an ordered pair (and checks or lightly crosses it off). The other person graphs the ordered pair.
Connect the dots as you go. When you get to a new shape, take turns.
For each shape, do not connect the beginning and end points -- unless they happen to connect.
When you get to a new shape, do not connect the prior shape's end point with the new shapes first point.
Some shapes will connect (i.e. start on a random point you've already plotted). That's okay.